The Normamed STANDARD Check-up

We have bundled up the knowledge of traditional western specialty medicine and laboratory medicine and we have expanded it. We have combined it with the experiences of traditional Chinese medicine. The result is a new cause medicine. Its standards take effect extensively in our Check-up.

You choose the Normamed STANDARD Check-up for an especially thorough examination for the most accurate position measurement of your health. 

Then your intention is a medical fresh start: comprehensive information should be available to your doctor for a treatment of symptoms and illnesses.

The Normamed STANDARD Check-up offers you:

  • the examination of current preliminary findings and findings of your medical history, archiving, commented inclusion in the individual steps of the diagnostics
  • comprehensive, qualified and meticulous sample collection in the laboratory of the medical centre (smears and blood tests, according to individual requirements)
  • analysis of the samples by a laboratory that is licensed for the Normamed method
  • the Normamed base patient history with detailed questions about your current state of health, your current symptoms history and former illnesses
  • the dynamic Normamed supplementary patient history with detailed questions on problem fields that have resulted from medical examinations, the base patient history and laboratory findings
  • medical consultations on the classification of the results
  • internal medical follow-up examinations
  • sonographic clarification and supplementary examinations
  • function-diagnostic examinations
  • the usage of the oropharyngeal diagnostics with a patent applied for by Normamed, as a progress course examination (a careful self-examination of your oral mucosa, from the results of which much important information can be gained about your metabolism and the functions of your internal organs)
  • TCM clarification and control examinations (tongue and pulse diagnostics)
  • individual diet and prophylaxis recommendations (e.g. on general hygiene, the handling of food, if necessary for the inclusion of metabolism stabilising measures from traditional Chinese medicine)
  • recommendations on the handling of infection dangers in family life and partnership life
  • check-up reports , based on which you can decide how to proceed further
  • comprehensive final medical talks to classify the results and treatment planning and sound medical analyses from a holistic perspective
  • telephone consultation and accompaniment during the implementation.

We will gladly send you a detailed description of the scope of services on request.

Yes, I would like to have the Normamed Check-up...

You can order the Normamed STANDARD Check-up via the Normamed service of the Ärztehauses Mitte in the Medical Centre, Wilhelmstrasse, Berlin. 

Please, note: The medical services according to the Normamed method are offered exclusively by Normamed Trust doctors and health practitioners. You will therefore receive information about the medical execution of the check-ups directly through medical practices and medical centres. Normamed itself offers no execution of medical services.